Starting off the school year on the right foot

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Biomechanical exam

Did you notice that your child is walking on his tiptoes ? Have you seen his ankles turning inward with an arch that almost touches the ground ?
Does your child complains about having pain in the legs, ankles or feet after a very busy day ?
Some problems can become significantly worst if they are not treated at an early stage. We recommend you to visit a podiatrist for your child’s evaluation if you have any concerns. Sometimes, only advices on finding the right shoes or specific exercises can make a difference. After the initial biomechanical exam, if custom-made foot orthotics are recommended, your podiatrist will take a mold of your child’s feet and prescribe the right correction.

Which shoes should I buy?

It’s not always easy to find the right shoes for your child’s daily activities. Footwear materials, cushioning, stability and support are important aspects to be considered and, of course, the perfect shoe size. Generally, you should be able to fit a thumb between the back of the shoe and your child’s heel. Feet should not move forward or slide out of the shoes. Take the time at the store to observe how your child walks and runs with the new pair of shoes.
Have a great school year!

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