Ice, snow & cold … how to be safe out there ?

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Clinique Podiatrix

Due to the weather conditions in Quebec during these past weeks, here are some tips to make your winter walks enjoyable and safe.

–  If you have to go out during the early morning hours or late evenings, take extra care as surfaces on entranceways, stairs or specially sidewalks could not be cleaned enough.

– Walk on cleared walkways, if possible. Be visible at night; this will help the other road users to see you when walking on the street.

– Shuffle your feet, keeping them on the ground. Take short steps, bend your knees a little and keep your arms free. These tips will help you be stable on slick surfaces.

– Wear proper winter boots with thick non-slip tread soles. You can also get removable ice grippers that you can add to your footwear for an extra traction. But be careful! Remove those grippers when walking on smooth surfaces.

– Think about using a support like a cane or walking sticks with an ice pick to improve your balance and stability.

Have a nice and safe walk!

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