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Summer is around the corner !

Here are some tips to look after your feet and avoid some injuries or dermatological problems during those hot days outside.

To wear or not to wear flip-flops ?

Flip-flops offer no feet support for long-distance walks or for other physical activities. With only one strap between your toes, your arches and heels are highly exposed to injuries. However, flip-flops are perfect to wear around the pool. They will protect you against human papillomavirus (HPV) infection which causes plantar warts and against dermatophyte infections on your skin or toenails.

Taking a break from nail polish?

Ladies, are you getting ready for a special evening or for your summer vacation trip? Keep in mind that your nails need a break from polish. It is important to take a look at your nails at least every two weeks to make sure that you don’t have any problem under the polish like a fungal infection.

Plantar warts

Be careful about covering your feet with sandals when walking around poolsides, public showers, locker rooms or spas. You can get warts easily when walking bare feet on humid surfaces or when you share shoes with a person who already has this skin infection . Untreated warts can get bigger and spread quickly on your feet. If you suspect having this foot problem, contact your podiatrist right away.

How to reduce the risk of sport injuries

If you have been more sedentary during winter and spring, make sure to start slowly and increase gradually your sport activities. Also remember to do an active warm-up before your workout. If you feel pain in your feet, don’t wait and ask your podiatrist for a complete evaluation.

Ask your podiatrist

Do you need some advice about a new pair of shoes, excessive sweating or biomechanical problems? Call your podiatrist!

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