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The long hot days of summer are finally here! And many of you have probably started walking outside on a daily basis, either to lose weight, to maintain your health or just to relax after work. A walking routine has many healthy benefits, but remember that your feet should also be in good shape.
Here are some of our recommendations on how to take care of your feet.

Wear the right shoes

Avoid wearing flat shoes or sandals without straps if you plan to do a long walk. Choose instead athletic shoes with laces. Walk around the store to make sure that the shoes fit well before buying them.

Socks are also very important. As cotton absorbs sweat but doesn’t release it and your feet stay moist, we recommend you to look for synthetic or wool socks. Also, remember to always change them immediately after your sport activities!

Start walking one step at a time

Have you been more sedentary during winter but do you plan to get back in shape this summer? Did your doctor recommend you to walk for your cardiovascular health? Did you have a knee replacement surgery and you need to walk again? A gradual return to any physical activity is always suggested. Establish a weekly walking plan to slowly increase the amount of time and the rhythm. Don’t forget to write down your progress every day.

If you feel discomfort or pain in your feet, don’t wait any longer and book an appointment with your foot doctor.

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